Time my bf asked me to fuck his friend in front of him

So my bf asked me to fuck his friend in front of him for his birthday. I wasnt gonna do it but he been beggn me to do it for a year so i agreed to it.  Omg it was crazy!!!!!! he told me to do it to his friend better than i do him.  I told my bf he’d be sorry he asked me to do that. I didn’t think he’d be able to handle it. lol My bf told me he wanted to make him jealous. I didnt rlly understand why he wanted me to but I said yes. But I wanted him to be sorry he asked me to do it so I told him I’d do it but it would have to be my way.

So  I invited his friend over on my bf’s birthday. Just him. My bf was wrkn til 6 that day so I timed it great. His friend came over while I was cooking. I was wearing the dress in my pic lol. I knew what i was doing. His friend came over knowin kinda what was gonna happen but not all the way, just what my bf told him. He was surprised at what I was wearin so i definitely shocked him. I could tell he was anxious to fuck. It was about 10 minutes before my bf was gonna be home and i didnt want his friend to bust too quick and the whole thing be over before my bf even got there.

So he sat on the couch and I came and sat on his lap tellin him what i was gonna do to him in front of my bf. He was tryna be cool about it and laughin it off but I could tell he was hard, i felt it lol So outta nowhere i got on my knees, unzipped his pants, and pulled his dick out. I could tell he started to get a lil nervous about havin my bf come in the door and see me suckin his friend off but hey thats what he wanted. So i started lickin up and down his dick to get him ready. I started speedin up my mouth strokes on his dick but not too much. I was practicin for when my bf came in.

So about 5 minutes into it my bf walks thru the door and sees my face in his friends lap. I pulled his friends dick out my mouth and smiled and said happy birthday, then got right back to suckin.  My bf tried to play it off cool and act like it was nothin. He went and grabbed a beer and sat down to watch. I was irritated as fuck that my bf could act like he didn’t care so I turned it up on his friend. I started suckin n lickin his balls, spittn all over his dick and just makin a huge sloppy mess. Bein loud as hell. My bf was just watchin not rlly makn a fuss. Now it was time to get wild, i dropped the dress and got naked, but kept the heels on lol.

I took a condom out of the wrapper and put it on his frnds dick with my mouth. No hands. I got on top of him and slid his dick inside me. My bf started gettin uncomfortable but this is what he wanted. I started bouncin on him, his hands were all over my ass, thighs, and boobs. I was givin him everything i would give my bf but i felt like i was puttn more into it lol. My bf took a few deep breaths and started to look stressed a lil bit so i can tell it was workn. Me and his frnd then went to the bed and i let him fuck me doggystyle. It was great.

I came like twice just knowin my bf was watchin.  Me and his frnd switched positions like 20 times. My bf was probably wantin it to be over cuz he thought he was gonna fuck afterwards. I could tell he was gettin jealous and turned on at the same time watchin his friend fuck me like no tomorrow. Plus i was enjoyin it, it was like cheatn with approval lol. My bf sat there n watched his friends dick goin in and out of me, his sweat droppn on my boobs, his mouth on my nipples. Meanwhile my bf was sittin there sick that i was givin it to his friend better than him. His friend was fuckin me frm the back and felt his strokes gettin rougher so i knew he was about to cum. I was gonna give my bf a grand finale. I told his friend to tell me when he was rdy to cum. My bf sat up and got alert like wtf lol His friend was gruntin but he said ok.

About 10 more strokes i felt he was gonna nut so i pulled him out, pulled the condom off his dick in a hurry, and put it in my mouth before any nut even came out. He unloaded all in my mouth and all over my tongue right in front of my bf! lol But that wasnt good enough, i let a lil bit of nut drop down the corners of my mouth. Then i spit his nut all over his balls then sucked it back off and swolled it. Some of it dripped on my boobs so i got it up with my finger and licked it up. I got nastier than i usually do but i had good reason.

My bf was so beside himself by now that he pull me off my knees, bent me over, and practically raped me while his friend watched. lol he was callin me all kinda bitches and sluts, it was great. I came like 10 times that day and had a lot of fun. Hope you enjoyed and for u bf’s out there be careful what u wish for cuz u just might get it!

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  • Juan - 6 months ago

    I would have whooped his ass long before that and kicked him out with a hard dick and hard feelings, then fucked the shit outta u for trying to put me through that n the first place.

  • janyar - 1 year ago

    Wow good story

  • Steven - 1 year ago

    Are you going to let me fuck

  • gary - 1 year ago

    Dam your good ;)

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  • REESE - 1 year ago


  • Daniel Renner - 1 year ago

    ~mmmmm…. Your pretty photos make me and my gf cum over and over!!! =)

  • Elton - 1 year ago

    Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Elton

  • Jimmy - 1 year ago

    I want to taste that pussy. I want to show u my tongue is very deadly.

  • Hood - 1 year ago

    That’s amazing ;)

  • Dalton - 1 year ago

    You’re pretty af boo;) wish I had a chance to have you in bed babe:b or even just have you give me a bj lol

  • mike - 1 year ago

    Did you fuck him good??