See my squirt vids FREE for a limited time babyyy! ;););)

Ok guys by request I made my SQUIRT VIDS FREE on Chaturbate. Just sign up for a free account on Chaturbate CLICK HERE then search my profile “alainasosexy“.

My vids are in my profile, 2 of em. I made em free so I can get comments on em so if u watch em PLEASE COMMENT WHAT U THOUGHT ABOUt Em!!!

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1. go to chaturbate an click signup


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Time my bf asked me to fuck his friend in front of him


So my bf asked me to fuck his friend in front of him for his birthday. I wasnt gonna do it but he been beggn me to do it for a year so i agreed to it.  Omg it was crazy!!!!!! he told me to do it to his friend better than i do him.  I told my bf he’d be sorry he asked me to do that. I didn’t think he’d be able to handle it. lol My bf told me he wanted to make him jealous. I didnt rlly understand why he wanted me to but I said yes. But I wanted him to be sorry he asked me to do it so I told him I’d do it but it would have to be my way.

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puttin on some lipstick thinkin bout youuuuuuuuuuu

puttin on my lipstick tryn to look sexy lol ;)


Showin off the purple outfit with the fishnets babyyyyy

 bein goofy can be sexy sometimes too :b


Favorite place to have sex? THE POOL! ;p (pool sex story)

Ive been havin a great summer guyyssssss!!!! As many of u guys know im tryin to get into porn full time so ive been flyin around alot. That’s why i havent been on facebook n twitter that much. Im gona start gettin on more tho. Anyways until over the wknd i didnt have sex for like

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