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Sexy booty oil and boobies

I start off in a crotchless red panty showing off my booty and pussy then I start rubbing oil on my booty and I switch to white panties and I keep rubbing it all over my body ..I then insert a Continue Reading →


Pink bouncy chair with pink dildo I ride it til I cum hard all over it

21 minutes I undress from my pink hoodie and white shorts and pink lace thong. A video of me masturbating all over the pink bouncy chair with a Continue Reading →


Pink school girl outfit I masturbate at the hotel 12minutes of fun

I masturbate and talk dirty while at the hotel room masturbating for you …having so much Continue Reading →


Car play DP bunny vibrator and glass anal dirty talk 9min plus

I play with my pink vibrator toy and my glass anal toy in the car, I wonder who heard me from the Continue Reading →


Time my bf asked me to fuck his friend in front of him

So my bf asked me to fuck his friend in front of him for his birthday. I wasnt gonna do it but he been beggn me to do it for a year so i agreed to it.  Omg it was crazy!!!!!! he told me to do it to his friend better than i do him.  I told my bf he’d be sorry he asked me to do that. I didn’t think he’d be able to Continue Reading →


Welcome To My Personal Site


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey babes its Alaina. Some of yall know me some dont. I’m just a Latina havin fun, enjoyin life. lol As many of you know I’m areally just a down to earth Latina with a lot to say about dating, relationships, and a few thrilling sex stories lol

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me in action baby!!! lol

Chaturbate is chatting while u masterbate DUH lol


Chaturbate is the BEST video chat site to see fine ass chicks playin with their coochie on cam or fuckin their bfs (i fucked my ex plenty times on there and sucked his dick a few times for the thrill lol). Best of all its FREE. You don’t have to put no credit card, no email, no nothin. Now u can give the models tips and shit but its up to u. They really aint models, just regular hot chicks doin what u tell em to do cuz they like bein seen naked. Believe it or not guys chicks like bein seen naked, fuckin, suckin, and all that.

Asianskye my favorite Asian chick on Chaturbate!!!

Most of the chicks on chaturbate are the chicks next door or the girls that act super shy then get on cam and do whatever freaky shit gets em off. I’m not shy in person or cam so i ant scared and neither are some of the chicks on chaturbate good LAWD lol. I remember I watched one cam show of 3 chicks eatin each other out and their other girlfriend came in and joined the show holy shit me and my ex fucked watchin them all lick each other. It was great.

Bangbangparty is sooo sexy to me omg

U do gotta be on a pc as far as I know so sorry cell phone users :(Anyways like I said its free all you gotta do is sign up, no credit card, no email, just a username so you can tell the chicks what to do. Don’t believe me? try it out!  By the way my name on there is “alainasosexy”. It’s private so u gotta send a request.

I think Kittyblush is Latina too i know she sexy tho

I also mention if you wanna sign up as a model yourself (THIS CAN BE MALE OR FEMALE!!!) then CLICK HERE. If u dont mind showin ur stuff u can earn some money from people givin u money tips while watchin u fuck ur girlfriend (or boyfriend if ur a girl). They dont have to but some ppl do!!!

Here’s some profiles of hot chicked I’ve watched play in that warm coochie on cam. These are some of my favs lol

OMG i played in my coochie watchin Madamoir22

Michellelove2525 got like a perfect body omfg smh

Her boobs look so fuckin good smh

White girl got booty, Valia one of my favs

 Remember guys these aint some chicks u gotta talk into gettin naked on cam and again they aint some fake ass “model” bitches. They’re real. They already gettin freaky and like i said its FREE. Cant go wrong. Click Here to join baby. 



puttin on some lipstick thinkin bout youuuuuuuuuuu

puttin on my lipstick tryn to look sexy lol ;)


Showin off the purple outfit with the fishnets babyyyyy

 bein goofy can be sexy sometimes too :b

AlainasWorld.com Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

i know im corny for this one but hey lmfao plus its been a while since i updated my site but im changin all that, theres gonna be plenty more to come. Im actually gonna have one of my best male friends write a post on how he gets women cuz i dont know how he does it lol anyways guys dont get too drunk ok and DONT DRIVE IF UR DRUNK!!!!!!!!!